Federal Meta Affairs (FMA)

The Federal Meta Affairs was created shortly after the return of what is commonly classified as Meta Humans: those with extraordinary abilities. The FMA has since done it’s best to cooperate with and understand the meta-humans who work towards the safety and security of the nation while also equipping law enforcement at nearly every level with tools and information in order to combat the threats posed by meta-humans working against the law and safety of the nation.

The FMA Branch in Axis City is led by Director Michael Tyne, The Director is also the only official Liaison for FMA Head Quarters in Washington and any meta-types located on the western coast of the United States. Director Tyne is an approachable soul, but within his generally likeable persona lies a cold bar of steel that will make hard decisions and deal with threats to the nation regardless of any previous relationships.

Director Tyne leads a medium sized force whenever needed, the soldiers are equipped with standard weapons as well as specialized rifles capable of neutralizing most meta-human level protections.

The FMA Branch office in Axis is located east of Downtown in an office complex owned by government organizations, including the embassy of Bruulhom.

Federal Meta Affairs (FMA)

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